Friday, November 7, 2008

"My First Blog" or "Hello World"

This topic is not something new to the era of Internet. Everyone of us would have received tons of mails marketing their new blogs, messenger status messages notifing their blog updates.

When I first came across the concept "Blog" I had wondered what so interesting about it? After all, a blog is going to be just another HTML page decorated with colors, photos, videos, etc. among the billions of pages in the ever growing web. But looking at my friends and collegues I realized that its not just another chunk of HTML polluting the web, its something more than that, but what is it? After a long delay I decided to explore/experience it myself and here I am to write my own version of the trendy "My First Blog". But before penning this I went out researching the net trying to find out answers for many of my curious (may be stupid) questions like, Why write a blog? How to write a blog? What not to write in a blog? What makes a very good blog different from a good blog? Where to blog? and a lot more. For my first question "Why Blog?", I found the following reasons very acceptable

  • It's a place to express "yourself" and it's where I can think, plan and reflect my thoughts
  • It’s a method of communication
  • Network and relationships with other bloggers
  • Know yourself from your fellow bloggers point of view
  • Learning from others blog
  • And of course, gain a little popularity

With these factors in my mind I am now writing my first blog and I hope this is not my last blog like the many others I have seen. I am hoping to learn a lot here and shape myself.

Let the journey begin.


Vijesh said...

Wowie! Welcome.. Have a great time..

Sethu S said...

Welcome Sir!

VV said...

Welcome aboard!!!
Keep us engaged. :)

Arun Raghavendar said...

Thanks Makale.. :)

Srihari said...

Whoa Whoa!!! Welcome to the new World of information sharing.