Sunday, February 15, 2009

Open Hack Day - 2009

It is back again this year.. Yahoo! Open Hack day 2009 being organized at Taj Residency, Bangalore. The second day of the event has begun and the hackers just have 2 hours, 45 minutes left out to complete their ideas. Bangalore has always been very responsive to technical events, this year around 300 people have turned out for this event which included some college students. Yesterday was a eventful day with loads of technical talks, discussions, idea sharing sessions, dance, beer, red-bull, XBOX, PS2, party and of-course HACKING.. I had a chance to make my first external presentation/training yesterday, a memorable one for me.

This time I can really feel the high security at The Taj after the Mumbai attacks, the security was so alert that made few security guards to stop Yahoo!'s founder Filo and asked for his ID.. lol..

With hackers all around me trying to do final integration and presentation of their hacks which they developed through out the night even without taking a small nap (
and of course there were few people who played XBOX all the night without any sleep :-P ) I am really eager to know the results..

All the best Hacker!!!

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Varunkumar Nagarajan said...

I too wanna be a part... :( Lemme know if one such thing happens in HYD.