Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whatz up??

Well, this week and the next few weeks are very happening for us folks in Bangalore. Yes, there are lot of changes that is going to happen.

Starting with Vijesh, this champ is going to get married so he just moved out of Bangalore on Monday. We partied heavily with him for the last one month because this could bring all the 8+ years of fun we had together to an end. I hope he gets some chance to visit Bangalore after his wedding on Feb 4th (This is a special day for me, its my parents wedding day too).

Next is Junior Santy, this guy also moved to Chennai last weekend. He is now happily settled with ebay.

Gethu Karthik, he will be leaving to UK soon and will be visiting Bangalore occasionally. He is looking forward to get transferred there permanently and I hope he gets it.

Coming to our local Guitarist Santy, he is leaving to California on next friday and will return after a month. This is his first foreign trip and it would be good if he can carry his Guitar with him (just like Surya in Vaarnam Aayiram). I wish, you perform in a stage rock music show in the US. Bon Voyage, be safe.. ;-)

Tom has already left for a spiritual trip to Egypt, Israel, etc. I hope he doesn't come back as a Saint.

Finally me, still waiting for my Driving License to be delivered... :)


Vijesh said...

Well, arun missed an update. He is already done with his 7 packs and next in the queue! ;-) Adv wishes da..

Arun Raghavendar said...

Hmm.. you ppl keep sayin like this da.. :) Everyone who is pointing me like this is getting married. First it happened with DK, now you. Dams has also started using the same formula.

Epidiyo ellam nala iruntha seri.. :)