Monday, February 1, 2010

Tamizh Padam

"Tamizh Padam" is a first of its kind in Indian Cinema. An Indian version of the "Scary Movie". Mirchi Shiva is a perfect fit for a movie like this and has done justice as a hero. There is no special story-line for the movie but still entertains the viewers till the end.

Indian Cinema has a lot of things that can be very easily spoofed and the movie taken advantage of that. The movie starts with a spoof of "Karuthama" in a village and then it moves to Chennai spoofing many other common things like

1. A 10 year old boy begins to pedal a bicycle and immediately becomes a youth hero - A over used concept in many movies.
2. Hero Intro and fight scene - A must in all Indian Movies
3. Poor hero challenging a rich guy and becomes a Crorepathi in one small song.
4. Actors aged more than 35 portrayed as college students and hero's friends - Another common thing done by Vivek for a long time. In this movie Veniraadai Moorthy, Manobala are hero's friend and they call each other a "machi", "maams".. lol..
5. Songs with weird lyrics which belongs to no language. There is a must watch song for Harris Jayaraj in this movie.

and many more.

Few other spoofs that impressed me were, Shiva attempting a "Anniyan" style murder using Buffalos, "Kandaswamy" threatening Basha's Raguvaran, "Thalapathi" spoof in the beginning, "Pokkiri" and "Kakka Kakka" spoofs in second half.

Overall, it is good entertainer if you are a tamil movie freak with humor sense for spoofs. :)


Srihari said...

You sentence in the blog "Indian Cinema has a lot of things that can be very easily spoofed" needs to be rephrased as "Tamil cinemas has lot of cliche' that can be easily spoofed" :-)

Arun Raghavendar said...

No Srihari.. It is not just Tamil cinema that has these spoof-able factors.. Every industry including Bollywood has so many funny things.. Only thing is that few industries like Bollywood are getting more hi-tech in this.. :)

DK said...

Spoof could be made even from Sathijit Rays film. Categorizing Tamil films based on that is incorrect. One thing which I partially agree on Srihari is, in Tamil movies "HEROISM" is too overdosed and hence brings in a lot of chance to spoof like our beloved lollu sabha.

Arun Raghavendar said...

Heroism is overdosed for few stupid heros in almost all the industries da.. Except for few industries like Malayalam or Bengali, I think every industry has this problem..

Saw Mahadera few days back.. It is only about heroism.. Too much for a new face.. :)

DK said...

@Arun Raag : He was not a newface in Maghadheera. Ur statement "Too much for a new face.. :)" is true for his first movie(Chirutha) also anyways :).

Arun Raghavendar said...

@DK, This proves that I am bad at Telugu movies.. :D

Anyways, Kollywood is not alone when it comes to heroism.. :P