Thursday, March 18, 2010


I went home to my native last week and unearthed a treasure. It is something taken with a very old film based camera, developed and preserved for more than 20 years. No pictures from a digital camera with the costliest lens in the market can be better than these for me.

It is always nice to look at yourself few decades back and wonder why didn't the time machine freeze. I am wondering it now. :)

Time for me to scan them and preserve it in digital form.


Vijesh said...

Lovely snaps.. you look like a chocolate boy.. :) Ipo muscle man aiyeta.. Uncle looks too cool too..

ena da pandra in the bottom right photo?

Arun Raghavendar said...

Ipovum chocolate boy than, ana ena chocolate ellam konjam melt aiduchu.. :P

Don't know what I am doing in that picture.. etho oru money pursea vechu veladuren pola.. :)

Srihari said...

nice snaps, its nostalgic to see the yester year pics.. Ore velayatu pulle pole??