Friday, April 23, 2010


Most of you who read this blog might also know the person I am talking about.

He joined as an intern in a company almost 7 years back and continued working as an employee in the same company till today. I and my friends always wonder how he continues to work with the same enthusiasm and energy as that of a fresher. In spite of working in the same team and company from day 1 of his career he never under performed. He starts to office at 7.30AM every day and comes back home at 10PM, do you think that makes him tired? You are wrong, he attends meetings till 11.30PM atleast 3 times a week. Weekends are also almost similar to working days for him. Working like this for 6 years is not at all easy, I know most of you will agree with me on this.

It is 10.30PM when I am writing this and today is his last day with his company and he is still at his office. Now this is what I call it as 'devoted to work'.

He never speaks a angry word, never complaints when we pull his legs, shave off his mustache ;-) . He is one of the best and humble person I know. He has been my roommate for the last 2.5 years, but I am going to miss him soon. He is moving to Singapore for his new job. At last he has achieved what he wanted to.

Peeps, all the best for your new job, new country and all the future endeavors. Don't forget us. :)


The Pensieve said...

Peeps... all the best and may all your dreams come true. You were a great source of inspiration for every intern. Take care.

damodarakkannan a said...

All the very best Peeps :-)

Raji said...

All the very best peeps :). Happy for you.

sEtHu said...

All the best na..Sure, u ll get best things in life :-)

Pradeep Prem Kamal said...

@Arun I am not sure whether I deserve all your words, but one thing for sure, I am going to miss you :-(

Srihari said...

@Peeps, Have a great career ahead.. enjoy your time ..

lakshmi said...

Peeps,(All time with a smile)
I wonder at you many times..i have never seen you tensed or angry or dull. What is the secret behind it peeps??

Arun anna,
very true description abt peeps. We always used to tell him u are the pillar for the company.