Saturday, April 17, 2010

Top 5 Tweets that I hate

Twitter is of course the most simplest and powerful micro-blogging medium I know. But I completely dislike and ignore few kind of tweets, the Top 5 kind of tweets that I hate are listed here

#5 - Fighting/Arguing through Tweets

"@XYZ, using the same infrastructure, why not? I also think you shouldn't hurry. What say?"

Why don't you take your nasty fights offline? It irritates me more when I don't know who @XYZ is. :)

#4 - The number of followers you have

"Yipee.. Will have 250 followers soon!!"

Don't brag.. You may soon end up with 200 followers..

#3 - The conference/event you are at

"In CodingFreaks-2010, totally impressed by @someone who spoke about Cosmic energy coupled with Java Beans!"

Please don't do this, because no one outside the conference bothers about it. I realized this the hard way. :)

#2 - Completely abstract, weird and out of context Tweets

"It worries me.. I will try to be quiet"

Err... What the heck are you taking about??

and at #1 - Test Tweets

"Testing..", "Test tweet after replacing my laptop charger"..

Stop doing QA, someone has already done that for you. Just use it.

I don't know how many of you will agree with me, but this is completely my personal opinion. No hard feelings. :)

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fuusuke said...

I made it to numero uno...