Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Big Leap

Weekend movies, legendary saturdays & lazy sundays, Mafia, Literature, Paintball game, short trips to near by places, Krishna Cafe, China Pearl, commercial street, brigade road, late night discussions about AR Rahman Vs Illayaraja, Vijay fans Vs Vijay anti-fans and of course all my friends in Bangalore. I am going to miss them all.

1242 days, 25 sprints, 400 bugs fixed, 8 hack days, 1 outside India trip, 3 laptops, 2 desktops, 73 new contacts, countless T-shirts, free Flickr pro account, post-lunch walk, Gym & Aerobics sessions, occasional foosball, too many stupid tea break arguments and many more unlisted things at Yahoo!. It is now time for me to put them all in my memory lane and ponder about it.

Yes, I will be moving out of Bangalore by the end of this month.

A quote by Napoleon that I completely agree with "Ability is of little account without opportunity". A better opportunity and a new life awaits for me in Chennai and I hope things to go well on this move. Being a person brought up in a cold place, Chennai is a quite scary city for me and all the tweets from Chennai folks confirms that fear :) . Everything comes with a price tag, I have to bare this price of Chennai weather for a better opportunity and I am getting ready for this adventure. :)

Let's see what the future has in store for me.


Raji said...

He..he..he Welcome buddy!

An Adventure in Chennai. ahem!

Hope you have seen our junior's status messages. "It is tooo hot here :-(".

Get a good flat here and all the entertaining stuff inside.

The one equivalent to Brigade Road shopping is T-Nagar/Pondy Bazaar.

Oh man! The heat that you get from the earth when you walk and the hot breeze and one will get de-hydrated like anything. Make sure you get a pep bottle of water wherever you go.

I opened the "Chennai chapter" from our class recently and ppl follow, i guess when i go back to bangalore shortly i will miss you all.

sagopal said...

Good post!

Margaret villa,empty bottles free ah vitutiye machie

Arun Raghavendar said...

He he.. Your words make me prepare for the worst.. :D

Most people in Bangalore may shift to Chennai soon. So don't expect many people here.. :)

Sankar said...

All the best.
Where to ? Amazon?

Arun Raghavendar said...


Ya da.. Will definitely miss Margaret Villa and the LEGENDARY folks there.. :)

Thank you.. You got it right.. Moving to Amazon.. :) I think Amazon will be the next Intel with so many people from PSG Tech.. :)

Vijesh said...

Welcome... }:-)

Abirami Rajendran said...

Welcome to the hot oven!

It's bad, yes, but hey, you'll have company! :-)

And congrats on the offer!

Arun Raghavendar said...

Thanks Vijesh & Abi.. :)

Every time I worry of Chennai climate the only thought that comes to my rescue is "I am not alone".. Happy that I'll have your company.. :)